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Why Support Awakening Mind?

Our Foundation is a freely given resource and an offering of peace. Through the Grace of God and in the Spirit of Love we are honored to serve and reflect the Spirit by offering literature, audio & video clips, tapes, gatherings, and quiet retreats. All of our online tools and resources are made available to anyone desiring the experience of forgiveness. These materials are available without charge to everyone with Internet access. Awakening to Who You Are as Spirit has no price or cost. We live simply in the Joy of giving All to All. Love offering gifts and donations are always gratefully accepted. We welcome all inquiries and requests from anyone with a sincere desire to Awaken to Eternal Love.

Our retreats and gatherings give spiritual seekers the opportunity for much needed refuge, healing and rejuvenation. Time together gives us the opportunity to join and go into our minds to remove all blocks to Love‘s awareness. For many people, we are a friendly opportunity for seekers who are ready to explore new horizons of the mind and release limiting beliefs. Awakening Mind continues to serve as an invaluable tool giving fresh perspectives on the spiritual journey and healing of the mind.

How you can support our Foundation's mission?

For many people Awakening Mind is a reflection of their heart’s desire for peace and healing. Since it’s inception, the Foundation has been supported in loving gratitude by those who have been touched by the message and ministry. Their gifts provide vital resources that enable us to continue to offer all of our resources including materials, internet ministries, travel, housing and retreats at no cost. Over the years the foundation has been supported by people who’s lives and hearts have been touched, and those who understand the importance of continuing to support Messengers of Peace as a symbol of Divine Providence and Trust. Through their gifts, our friends join in the shared stewardship of our mission and help serve in participating in this Awakening.

You can support Awakening Mind's mission by making a gift to us at any time. These contributions have enabled us to maintain a base of operations, retreats, audio /video and computer based ministries, and our traveling missionaries called Messengers of Peace. Our Foundation has supported our friends around the world to experience a greater joining in God's Love.


"God Bless you for all that you give everyone with no expectations of anything in return.

Love always, Judy”

We receive loving notes of gratitude like the one from Judy above on a regular basis.  We rely fully on donations and charitable gifts since the sponsors and missionaries and board of trustees and director do not receive a salary. 

Thank you for supporting this
valuable resource.
Other Ways to Give:

Donate Supplies and Other Items
Care Taking and Volunteering
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Donate Supplies and
Other Items:

The following resources are items that are regularly used or needed to support the distribution of this message in one way or another. If you feel inspired to contribute item(s) on this list please contact
[email protected]

*Frequent Flyer Miles support travels to far away countries with financial needs
*New Server space needed for audio / video files and MP3's on websites
*Copy Paper
*Printer Cartridges
*Gas Cards for distant travels
*Food (canned or otherwise)


Care Taking and Volunteering:
There are many ways to help if you would like to come join us in person. Help with the following gives us more time to be available for counseling sessions, travels and to devote to the production of materials for distribution. It's also a great opportunity to join together in Joy and Love!

*Car Cleaning and Maintenance
*Lawn Care (seasonal)
*Make Supplies (CDs, DVDs, etc)
*Transport to and from Airport
*Cleaning / Organizing the House


Your Donations Support::

*International Travels
*Foreign Language Resources


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donation via Paypal

please use the links


Thank You!

Cash, Stock, Trusts, and Bequests.

The message of Christ is given freely. Donations support the continuation of our ministry. You can make a one time donation at the top of this page. Thanks be to Jesus & the Holy Spirit for Divine Providence.  We trust in God for all things.

Matching Gifts:

Many people who make charitable donations are unaware that their gift may be eligible for matching funds from their employer. Companies often match employee gifts to nonprofit organizations

Please check with your human resources department. Your joyful effort may double the value of your gift to Awakening Mind.

The Foundation for the Awakening Mind is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. No taxable goods or services are provided in consideration for gifts.

 With overflowing love and gratitude,
David Hoffmeister and friends

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